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Whether you fancy yourself a gastronaut, you’re crazy for cheese, or you’re just tired of the same old hot-dog or hog-roast offerings that come out of the woodwork this time of year, the Foodie Fest is the perfect place to spend an August Bank Holiday Sunday!

More and more exhibitors are signing up to have a stall at the Foodie Fest this August.

See below who will be feeding you!

LoS Brewery

Based in Progress Road, Leigh-on-Sea have been making a good range of ales for nearly two years and with the exception of one ale the rest are all Vegan friendly, making it the most guilt-free pint there is going.


Shaken Udder

From humble beginnings in a domestic kitchen to the aisles of supermarkets and even the skies over Europe Shaken Udder will show off their great flavours with wholesome ingredients and using only locally sourced, British Milk. Shaken Udder bring fabulous milkshakes to the masses.


The Food beaver

The Food Beaver based in Leigh-on-Sea has a simple ethos - tasty food, made easy.

Taking the simplest of spices they have created high-quality blends of different seasonings that will elevate your home-cooking to next-level chef guru status.


Gourmet Deli

At The Gourmet Deli Co. we actively source both local produce and speciality items.

Supplying artisan cheeses, meats, sweet and savoury treats, as well as breakfast, lunch and evening dishes, which are available for both take-away and eating in.


Veg Heads

Home-made and locally produced vegan burgers, hot dogs, loaded nachos, filled croissants, cakes, brownies, kombucha, and more! Turning plant based protein into a delicious and colourful salads, with EXTRA wholesome goodness, all available at the Veg Heads - we’re also based in Southend!



Dedicated to bringing you the best product possible, we use high quality ingredients to create our hand crafted doughnuts for your enjoyment. Creating new and exciting flavours to keep you coming back for more! Vegan, from dough to glaze to kill a bit of that sugary guilt!



Bringing their amazing range to The Foodie Fest and producing an exclusive top secret flavour only available at Foodie Fest 19! Get the kids to grab Rossi Bear for a voucher to get a free ice cream! (Please note: this is a limited offer, first come first served basis).


Copa Wine

Our quest is to find wines with a sense of place that has no geographical boundaries! We’ll be serving up wine and cider to take away. Organic, Biodynamic, natural and vegan friendly wine and cider will be available as well as some free samples and limited production bottles!


The Original Fizz

Our name comes from the fact that Dom Perignon was influenced to produce Champagne by the Benedictine monks in the Abbey at Limoux, France. Thus our impeccable wine is intact the ‘original fizz’! Come by our stand to experience the delights of this historic and artisan wine.


Lee Sushi

Leigh-on-Sea’s original sushi bar. Offering fresh, handmade sushi. Catering for fish lovers, vegetarians and vegans. An all female team with fully trained Japanese and English staff. All of our fish and sushi is fresh, making it extra tasty! Come and find our stall and also at Gourmet Deli on Leigh Broadway!


Marshmallow Heaven

Everyone loves marshmallows - sweet, sticky and comforting while bringing back memories of childhood. Marshmallow Heaven have taken these delicious sweet treats and transformed them into delightful pillows of heaven filled with warm, sultry flavours, fresh, fruity fillings and also the occasional cocktail.


Hugo's Pantry

Hugo’s Pantry is a family run business, delicious, truly homemade cakes, biscuits and more that also caters for vegans and gluten free. They aim to bring wide eyed imagination to meet culinary inspiration to serve up Brownies, Blondies, Loaf Cakes and all kinds of wonderful sweet treats.


Ru's Waffles

Based in the heart of Leigh on Sea, a small family run business that specialises in traditional Hong Kong style Bubble Waffles Ru's freshly bakes waffle dough according to a special recipe. All of our waffles are made fresh and can be filled with ice cream, whipped cream and then personalized with a variety of sprinkles, toppings and sauces!


Beetle Juice

Taking an angle grinder to a cherished VW camper van to chop out a side and the roof was one of the scariest things the Beetle Juice massive ever did. They decided to make serving high quality cocktails a speciality and chose the name ‘Beetle Juice’ and haven't looked back since. Grab their amazing and quirky cocktails while lapping up the sun!


Tasty Tornado

Calling all vegans! Is it a lolly? Is it potato? Well it's a bit of both and one of the quirkiest things at the Foodie fest! Tasty Tornado bring you the most delicious spiralised potato available with an amazing variety of tasty seasonings or 100% vegan toppings!



Brunch, booze & good food in the heart of Leigh-on-Sea, Garrards have some of the finest gourmet burgers around and bring their delicious fare to the Foodie Fest this year! If you're after a big, meaty and deliciously filthy burger then get yourself to the Garrards stand ASAP!


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