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Beaver Spice!

The Food Beaver based in Leigh-on-Sea has a simple ethos - tasty food, made easy. Taking the simplest of spices they have created high-quality blends of different seasonings that will elevate your home-cooking to next-level chef guru status.

If you’re planning a major league cookout then the Food Beaver BBQ Seasoning mix is perfect to really get the taste buds dancing. On the other hand if it’s just a quiet meal for two then living up your meat or fish with some Tandoori seasoning and marinade will make dinner time a lot more special. If your vegetarian or vegan then you can also knock-up some pretty fancy dishes with your chosen veggies too.

Not only that but at https://thefoodbeaver.com there are tonnes of tasty recipes to indulge in (Burnt Ends - https://thefoodbeaver.com/beef-brisket-burnt-ends/ ooooooh you should be!) that will transform your home cooking!

All the Food Beaver ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and allergen free. There’s also now artificial flavours, colours or preservatives either so get yourself to their stall at the Foodie Fest!
You can follow the Food Beaver on Instagram @thefoodbeaver

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