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The Foodie Fest 2019 is a unique one-day event devoted to all things Food & Drink! Taking place on the Sunday 25th August 2019 at the picturesque Chalkwell Park in Southend-on-Sea this is a family event that no foodie will want to miss!

Showcasing the best of indie brands from Essex and the surrounding area, The Foodie Fest is a wannabe gourmet’s best bet at finding the next big trend on the foodie scene.

Whether it‘s Gourmet Burgers, mouthwatering Briskett, never-before seen Ice cream flavours or the best Grilled Cheese Sanger you’ve ever had you’ll be happy with what’s on offer - and we also have four bars serving the latest cocktails, wines and craft beers - there’s even special editions only availbale at our event!

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Offering contemporary twists on classic cuisine, alongside unexplored avenues of taste, this is a food festival unlike any other before it, or after for that matter.

Expect donut-burgers, crazy craft cocktails, cheesy delights and flavour-combos to intrigue, inform and interest in equal measure.

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New Sponsor: LoS Brewery!

We are pleased to announce that that magnificent Leigh-on-Sea Brewery will not only be bringing their delicious ales to the Foodie Fest but… also making an exclusive brew especially for the Foodie Fest too!

LoS Brewery in Progress Road, Leigh-on-Sea have been making a good range of ales for nearly two years and with the exception of one ale the rest are all Vegan friendly, making it the most guilt-free pint there is going.

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Beaver Spice!

The Food Beaver based in Leigh-on-Sea has a simple ethos - tasty food, made easy. Taking the simplest of spices they have created high-quality blends of different seasonings that will elevate your home-cooking to next-level chef guru status.

All the Food Beaver ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and allergen free.

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